Notes From A Survivor

I’m writing this blog to record my experiences, thoughts and opinions so that others with similar interests or experiences may benefit from them. I hope they spark debate, consideration and help to change the way that people think about some issues and  change the way we behave and act. Who is the blog aimed at? Others who have survived various forms of abuse, researchers, educators and policy or decision makers. I want to argue the case for rational optimism in overcoming the traumas we inflict upon each other but do not want to sugar coat certain harsh realities.

Societies, if they are to consider themselves emancipated, enlightened or developed, should look to their accomplishments in order to assess their true level of maturity. Accomplishment is more than the physical achievements of the powerful and priveleged elites who exist in all societies, it is a measure of the way each one of a society’s members are treated, the weak, the disenfranchised, the powerless and the one’s who feel themselves excluded. Enlightened inclusion is the only way that a society can look to its future with confidence, anything less devalues the society and invalidates the process it has undergone to reach the place it is currently in.

We live in an era of dramatic change. Of course every generation thinks that, but there is sufficient hard evidence to support the assertion that we find ourselves in an uncommonly transitional period. In order for that change to be beneficial and provide genuine opportunity for all people to gain legitimate advantage in their life conditions there needs to be greater understanding of how we interact with each other and what the consequences of those interactions may be.

My blog is a resource, I hope it may help and provide insight if your own path has been similar. If you are trying to understand the phenomenon of abusive behaviour from whichever perspective then I hope it offers a fresh take on an ancient pattern of behaviour that serves only to diminish the perpetrators and their prey. This is why my blog is called Notes From A Survivor; I may have experienced abuses just as you may have, but I don’t think of myself as a victim, I am a survivor that nothing can crush and I would like to share that with you.

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